Lord Love a Duck Part 1

My intent with this tutorial was to paint with a loose free flowing style with just the essence of the Mandarin Duck depicted. I tried, believe me I tried, but my true detailed nature won in the long run.

Mandarin Upon Reflection Paul Sherman
Mandarin Upon Reflection Paul Sherman

Here’s Paul Sherman’s Mandarin Upon Reflection from Paintmyphoto.

There are two parts to this tutorial.  In Part 1, I use videos to demonstrate techniques.  In Part 2, I show how to fix what was wrong and how to save the duck. There are two videos in Part 1 with comentary that should be helpful.

The first video, 5 minutes long, includes:

Planning on how to paint a reflection
Using a LePen that won’t move when inked
how to pour vertical lines
Colors used
Filling in white spots left from the pour with a brush

Password is DUCK1

The second video is almost 13 minutes long and includes:

Using a palette for Adirondack inks
Using a Chameleon Blender Pen for lifting
Using a iPad as a reference when painting
Using markers
Layering colors of ink
Using ink that is freshly poured with a brush to create a solid area.

Password is DUCK2

Fix this duck

This is what the painting looked like at the end of Part 1.  I wasn’t happy with it because it looks flat.  I thought fixing it would be another opportunity to teach.

My paintings usually take 12 hours and this one was 2 hours to paint and 1 hour to fix. Please look at Lord Fix a Duck Part 2 (coming soon).


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