Yupo Paper Two Sided? – NO


Sandy Sandy of the Yupo Group asked her friends a Legion Paper – the Distributors of Yupo Paper if there were two sides. Here’s her comment “According to the Yupo mill, there is not a difference in sides, unless you were using the 100# cover or Yupo Blue . . . “According to the mill, the only YUPO paper that has two sides, based on how it’s manufactured, is the 100lb Cover.

Keep in mind, the YUPO technical team has no experience whatsoever with art applications and YUPO. They reviewed the video and do not know what is happening or why. The information they supply to (offset) printers does not include anything about varying print results on either side. In fact, their customers print on both sides all the time – with the same results.

This explains why I saw a difference at Carol Ann’s house but couldn’t replicate it on my own. Carol Ann said she was using 100# paper. I was using 74# and Sandy said that “I have never even seen 100# retail . . . It is usually 74# or 144#”. Carol Ann has been using Alcohol Ink for 7 years and is a distributor for Ranger products and may have access to 100# paper.

A least we got to see what mineral paper looks like and how it acts. On to the next curiosity..


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