Featured in the Chameleon Newsletter

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.56.41 AMI’m so excited to be featured in the Chameleon Newsletter for this month with the Article and Video Can You Use the Blender Pen for More Than Just Blending

As you know I recommend the Chameleon Blender Pen as an essential tool in our classes.  The folks at Chameleon found out about it and asked me to make a video explaining how it is used.

I hope you’ll get some new ideas too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.56.33 AM


New Online Beginning Alcohol Ink Artist Class – Taking Signup for a July Class

Reef copyAlcohol Ink is an amazing medium.  You’ve seen some gorgeous work but, as a beginner, have no idea what to do next or how to get more control.  I was where you are two years ago when I found Karen Walker’s fabulous Alcohol Ink online classes.  Her kindness and inspiration has moved many of us to make Alcohol Ink our medium of choice. She has decided to take a step back from the Alcohol Ink painting world and has handed the teaching torch over to me. The course is online using Moodle, a learning management system, with sharing and discussion in a private Facebook group. Week 1: Exploration

  • Introduction and Karen Walker’s philosophy
  • Let’s play
  • Exploring the inks and the role of the alcohol
  • Texture
  • Painting on Ceramic Tile

Week 2: Techniques

  • Beginning Brush Work
  • Lifting
  • Masking

Week 3: Putting It All Together

  • Dreamscape© in the style of June Rollins
  • Poppy Project
  • Cat in the Grass
  • Aspen/Birch on Tile in the style of Jewel Buhay

With 30 new videos and an easy to follow text, this course stimulates new ideas and gives you skills to move to the next level of alcohol ink painting. The class will be at your own pace. Each week you will see a new set of videos, instructions and assignments to share with the FB group. The course materials are available to you for one year.  The cost of the course is $60 US To register or for further information: Contact Sheryl at sherylwilliamsart@gmail.com or private message Sheryl Williams on Facebook There is a short preparation prerequisite course included to make sure that you and your computer/tablet/device are ready to take the class that only takes 30 minutes to complete. Yellow Splash I hope you join us on this exciting adventure making alcohol ink your creative medium too.

The Free E-Book on Alcohol Ink is done. Please enjoy!

Alcohol Ink eBook Cover
Click to download the eBook


For the last three months over 80 alcohol ink artists have been working tirelessly to bring techniques and examples to the world in a free eBook.  It is a marvelous expression of art from members of the Facebook Alcohol Ink Artists group.  You will find two sections: short tutorials and step-by-step techniques.

Special thanks to Willow Wand (Suzie Baker) and Anke v.d. Berg-Quanjer, editors and wizards.


I’ve got three entries: Tree Frog -Pg 12, Using Values to Bring Your Alcohol Ink Painting to Life – P133 and Going Home, Alcohol Ink on Yupo, Based on a Photo Pg 136

The contributors are from all over the world.

AIA Map smlr

Enjoy and please share your comments, I will forward them to the group.

TinEye – Reverse Image Search

Yes a reverse image search.

This cool website TinEye allows you to upload an image or link to an image on the web and find out everywhere it’s been found on the web. TinEYe

This site was first brought to my attention by Danielle Parent in a discussion about images being stolen and used by other people to make money.

Being the eternal optimist, I thought it would be a great way to find out if an image really is free to paint and to find out who the original artist is to request permission to paint.

Here’s an example. I’ve found a wonderful picture on PMP ( I know they would never cheat, but it’s fun to look). I uploaded the image and clicked on search.

TinEye didn’t find anything. Feed Me Results (Phew)


So I tested another image of an underwater ocean. This time I put the URL link into TinEye and clicked on search. Here’s the results:

Ocean Walpaper Results
There were 64 results and on the second page I found the one with the most pixels, probably the beginning.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to make sure your pictures haven’t been used by someone else.

Paint My Photo Newletter – Free and full of wonder

Paint My Photo (PMP) is a wonderful FREE site for those of you that would like to find photos to paint where the photographer has given permission.Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.56.20 AM

In addition to the site is a lovely digital Newsletter that comes out quarterly.  It is a fun way to browse through available photos for inspiration.




In this edition there is an interview with Anslie G in Australia that I used for inspiration to paint this “Arabian Reflection.” (Click to enlarge any photos)

Through the interview and portfolio, you  get a sense of the photographer’s loves and inspirations.


RobynRos Hidden Treasures Lovelock combs through the PMP site looking for hidden treasures.






There is always an artist showing step by step how they painted a particular picture.  In this newsletter Neil Nicholson shows painting a landscape with acrylics.  Alcohol artists needn’t worry about the medium, the process is helpful.

One of my favorite portions of this newletter is a group of abstract paintings and the photographs that inspired the artist.  Awesome and very “inky.”

I hope you enjoy the PaintMyPhoto site and Newsletter as much as I do.

Here’s short video from the founder Roy Simmons describing the reason for the site and you even get to watch him paint a landscape.


Just Got Cathy Taylor’s Alcohol Ink Book

I just received Cathy Taylor’s wonderful book “Pigments of Your Imagination.”  She has very clear instructions for a wide variety of techniques and beautiful examples.

It’s available at Amazon.

Jill Berry did a video going through the book so you can get an idea of all of the wonderful ideas in it.